Core Values

Core Values2018-12-06T21:57:39-05:00

Long term stewards of our assets

  • All communities service their debts, pay their employees, and pay their vendors
  • Remove good paying residents who are poor neighbors
  • Use judicious screening criteria for residents and employees
  • Remove high performing but unethical employees
  • If we have it, it looks loved and works!
  • Reinvest in employees personal and business skill growth
  • Assets are human, physical, and financial

Engaged, humble and capable

  • Pursue opportunities to help SPG and its communities
  • Seek new operational skills and responsibilities
  • Respond quickly to resident concerns- everyone is empowered to help residents!
  • Ask for clarification when you don’t understand either why a task is done or how a task is to be done
  • Recognize that you choose your response to the opportunities and conflicts in front of you
  • Every employee is needed and wanted; all positions directly affect the results of SPG and its communities

Committed to honorable actions

  • Strive to provide safe and well maintained communities
  • Err judgement calls on the side of the resident
  • Make decisions with integrity
  • Align actions with what you know is right
  • Explain contractual obligations to prospects upfront

Continuously improving

  • Question existing and proposed processes
  • Embrace change when needed
  • Stay at the forefront of industry trends
  • Be better at your career today than yesterday