INTEGRITY – Know, Say and Do the Right Thing

  • Respect and follow company policies even when no one is looking.
  • Own your mistakes and take responsibility for them.
  • Look for win/win situations that align with SPG policy when working with vendors or residents.

COMMITMENT – Bring Your Best Every Day

  • Go the extra mile to help teammates or other properties.
  • Actively seek out ways to improve performance. Offer to learn and help someone else with a task that you don’t normally do.
  • Connect to our goal and work to achieve it.

RESPECT – Value & Accept Each Other

  • Treat teammates and residents with courtesy, politeness and kindness.
  • Listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint.
  • Encourage coworkers to express opinions and ideas.
  • Avoid gossip and judging peers, get to know each other, be part of the solution. Take time to understand the other point of view.

IMPROVEMENT – Actively Seek Ways to Grow & Get Better

  • Take advantage of educational opportunities that are available through the company.
  • Learn from mistakes by setting up ways to not let it happen again either through changing a process, training or reminders.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t understand.
  • If you have an idea of how to improve a process or policy, let your team know; feedback fuels change.

FUN – Celebrate, Laugh and Enjoy Every Day

  • Celebrate company and teammate successes.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities to connect with your team through outings and community service experiences.
  • Smile and enjoy what you do. Providing the perfect home for someone is fun!