Good housing for good neighbors by good people

At Signature, we believe in providing good housing for good neighbors by good people. We realize that how we treat our employees is a reflection of how we will treat our customer, and we value the relationships we have with both.

We aren’t just a company; we are a standard for comparison. It has been said that it is the little things that matter. That is why we don’t believe in “spot” touch-ups of our apartments at move out. It is why we would rather repaint our walls top-to-bottom and clean or even replace our flooring wall-to-wall between residents. That is also why we have team members who truly care about our properties and more importantly, about the residents who transform our properties into communities and our apartments into homes.

Not only do we own every property in our portfolio, but we don’t manage third-party properties. You get all of us, all of the time. And because it’s ours, there is a difference in the level of care. It’s genuine.

From the moment a community in the Signature Property Group, Inc. portfolio is conceptualized, our main goal is to exceed expectations. We strive for this through our design layouts, development process, construction quality, and our customer service.